925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection – How to Identify and Maintain

In this post, I like to share some tips about 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. As you know, Fazionmania has a few collections of this metal.

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Jewelry is part of a woman's daily life. And, we have a lot of choices to choose from. Furthermore, we know about many precious metals only for making beautiful ornaments. 


SS925 How to Identify&Maintain

What is 925 Sterling Silver?

Literally, pure silver is of 99.9% silver, and not enough strong, also, still too soft to make jewelry.  So, the silver needs to mix with some metal, like Copper, to give a shape of beautiful design after enough hard to make jewelry.

925 Sterling Silver mean is 92.5% silver and the rest is the mixed material.

Therefore, now we know what is 925 Sterling Silver and that is quite popular because of more demand in the market.

In fact, 925 Sterling Silver has a lot of beautiful design and an affordable price.

I am sure you will fall in love with all that jewelry design. But, you need to know and be able to distinguish the real 925 Sterling Silver, Silver Plated, or Stainless Steel, as well. 


5 Tips How to Identify 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Now let's look at the tips below. However, every image below is linked to the "Add to Cart" page. You can read and choose to purchase. It's secured and you can make the payment by all major Credit or Debit card. Also, by PayPal. 

However, let's move on to identify. 

1. Check the Earmark or Characteristic

First, you can take a look at your jewelry. Usually, that is a carving that reads “925”, “SS925”, “S925”, “Ster”, “Sterling Silver”, or “Sterling”. But sometimes on small-size jewelry, it may not be printed, that because of difficult to curve.

You can see it on these few pieces of jewelry:


925 Sterling Silver Love Mom Ring 925 Sterling Silver Crown Heart-Shaped Ring 925 Sterling Silver Forever Love Heart Women Ring 925 Sterling Silver Authentic Dazzling Ring


2. Smell 

Second, you can do the smell test. If your jewelry is real 925 Sterling Silver, it should be don’t have the hard smell. Too much copper blend will make it bit smell.


3. Rub 

Third, the easiest test you can do is rubbing your silver jewelry with gently and softly using the light-colored cloth. If you see have a black mark appears on the cloth, then you can sure your that jewelry is genuine 925 Sterling Silver. This thing’s happened because genuine silver will be oxidized when exposed to the air.


4. Magnetic

Forth, you can test it by using the magnet. Same as gold and platinum, silver has no effect to the magnet. So, if your jewelry has attracted and pulled into the magnet, you can sure that is not 925 Sterling Silver. Perhaps, that is made with a different percentage of the composition.


5. Scientific Test

Fifth, you can do the scientific test by using Nitric Acid. Make sure you wearing a glove and goggles when this test does. Drop the nitric acid to your jewelry. If turn green, that’s mean it is not made of real silver. Nitric acid is a chemical with a high copper content, which blackens non-silver goods.

Here you can see few of our 925 Sterling Silver collection:

      925 Sterling Silver Daisy Flower Green Glass Bracelets  925 Sterling Silver Infinity Love Chain Women Bracelet  925 Sterling Silver Star Moon Blue Enamel Bracelet  925 Sterling Silver Snake Chain Bracelet


So, that is 5 Tips How to Identify 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. However, a few pieces of jewelry sometimes modified with 18K gold or Rhodium layers to make it more durable. 


Furthermore, I want to share how to maintain your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry.


5 Tips How to Maintain 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

  1. When the good are worn, rub as little as possible to keep it shiny. Use special jewelry cloth or simple microfiber cloth. Don’t use a tissue or any kind of brush.
  2. Put in the right place. It will be better if you put in the jewelry box and in the dry cool place.
  3. Don’t wear it when you shower, swimming, sauna, or hot tub.
  4. Separate and store individually to prevent scratches.
  5. Avoid lotion, perfume, and other chemicals.

Here you can see few of our 925 Sterling Silver collection:


      925 Sterling Silver Cat Bell Stud Earrings  925 Sterling Silver Dazzling Flower Daisy Stud Earrings  925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Love Pendant Necklace  925 Sterling Silver Pink  Stone Hollow Love Heart Necklace


Well, ladies, that’s all 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection – How to Identify and Maintain. Hopefully this article useful and make you know more about 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Have a nice day and happy shopping.



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    • Wow! I did not know that you can do a smell test on jewelry. I definitely learnt a lot.

    • I use to find it hard to recognize if it is a real piece of 925 silver. I would try these tips next time I go for one. Thanks!

    • Jewellery and Women are two inseparable souls. Good tips to identify and maintain silver jewellery.
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    • Great tips on sterling silver. I had no idea you could tell if it’s real by the smell. Good to know.

    • I remember I took a jewelry making class in high school and learned to check for the 925 to see if a piece is sterling silver or not! Thanks for sharing al the other ways to find out!

      xo a | www.alexandraquinlann.com

      Alexandra Quinlann

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