5 Most Important Things for Your Summer Beach Vacation

Hello Ladies, are you ready to go to the beach this summer? Yes, here the things you need to prepare for that.


Beach Vacation


To enjoy more your beach holiday, besides choose the location of the beach you are going to visit, you also need to know what the items that you will bring. Such as, drinking water and snacks, sunscreen lotion, books, change of clothes, towel, and sandal, these 5 things you should not ignore and forget.

So what is that 5 things? Let’s talk about that!


Essential Items For Summer Beach Holiday


1. Bags


Handmade Round Square Crossbody rattan bagFor your small things like a wallet, mobile phone, and glasses, you need like Handmade Round Square Crossbody Rattan Bag. Certainly, it will make you more easily to carry with you. Unique and cute crossbody made by rattan.




Summer Beach Canvas Striped Shoulder Bag

Perhaps, you prefer a shoulder bag than a crossbody bag, so you can choose Summer Beach Canvas Striped Shoulder Bag. Wonderful unique bag with multi-color, also you can put many things inside.







By the way, for all you need, you can throw into this Canvas Rough Twine Striped Beach Bag. Let’s say, in this big pocket you can Canvas Rough Twine Striped Beach Bagarrange for a towel, sunscreen, swimsuit, and some clothes for change, books, also sandal. Moreover, snacks like potato chips, biscuits, and some chocolates too.

 So, a bag is the most important thing.


2. Mats


Stripe Rainbow Mat Tassel Giant Mat

Mat is another important thing you need. Sitting or lying under the sun, drinking and eating snacks after swimming should be amazing activities on the beach.

Handmade Stripe Rainbow Cotton Blanket Mat with attractive bright color is suitable and comfortable to use. Also, you can choose the round shape like Tassel Giant Beach Blanket Picnic Mat or Watercolor Floral Feather Circle Yoga Mat. Both are soft, comfortable, and easy to clean from the sand.


3. Hats

Do you want to protect your head and skin face from the sun on the beach? Hat and cap are the answer.  Beside protect you from the sun, hat also makes yoHandmade Weave Raffia Ribbon Sun Hatu look stylish and fashionable. Choose a hat with good material like straw or cotton. Also, choose the wide edge shape to cover ears and face.




Handmade WeaHandmade Black Ribbon Weave Straw Hatve Raffia Ribbon Sun Hat and Handmade Black Ribbon Weave Straw Hat both are made by straw. Also, both have incredible ventilated which can make wind in and out easily. By that way, you will be comfortable.


Flower Embroidery Cotton Baseball CapAnother is Flower Embroidery Cotton Baseball Cap, nice design with ventilated and cotton material. Beautiful and fresh flowers printed with a few color choices. And, an adjustable design which can fit on most people, make this cap become comfortable and trendy.




4. Bikinis


Hot Bathing Suit Triangle Two Piece Bikini Printed Plus Size Swimwear Women Bikini Mommy&Me Summer Sweet Floral Set Swimsuit

Yes, bikini or swimsuit is one of the important things we need on the beach. Choose the fresh and bright color like Hot Bathing Suit Triangle Two-Piece Bikini Impress your happiness and enjoyers.

Beside plain color, we have radiant bikini for plus size Printed Plus Size Swimwear Women Bikini and for mother and daughter, this Mommy&Me Summer Sweet Floral Set Swimsuit also can be your alternative choice for spending time in the beach.

However, good material and nice design can make you feel confident, comfortable and easy moving.


5. SunGlasses

 Sunglasses are a necessary thing that you need when you plan to spend a sunny day outside, such as on the beach. Everybody knows that sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun which can make eyes damage against ultraviolet (UV) rays. Also, make you easier to see when you are under the sun.

Besides trendy and stylish, one of the most important that you need to consider before you buy sunglasses is you need to choose the bigger lens.




Let’s say Retro Big Square Oversize Sunglasses and Oversize Shield Gradient Women Sunglasses which have a bigger lens. This thing because the bigger lens you use it will be more coverage UV entering the eyes from the side.


Retro Round Luxury Mirror Woman Sunglasses


Besides that, you can choose another shape of glasses such as Retro Round Luxury Mirror Women Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun when you do more outside activity.

 About the color of the glasses, beside black now available a lot of color choices. For your activity more enjoyable, stylish, and trendy you can choose glasses with a different color.

Finally, this is 5 Most Important Things Need When Go To the Beach in Summer. And, all you can get here in Fazionmania. Feel free to take a look and purchase immediately to get a special price during the promotion time. Enjoy your summer!


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